We Start Again (また始まる, Mata Hajimaru) is the thirteenth episode of season two.


The newcomers tournament begins in two weeks. Captain Hanai suggests the team set goals for themselves. Everyone desires to go to Koushien, but the team lacks a consensus on how far they aim to go in the tournament. Only Mihashi and Tajima wrote winning the championship because the rest of the team lacked the resolve after losing their last game. Hanai asks Mihashi to explain what he wrote but Mihashi felt insecure about his reasoning, and says he didn't give it much thought. Abe sends Mihashi a text after practice is over to reply immediately so they could talk. Shinooka admits to Mihashi that she saw his text, and suggests visiting Abe instead. Tajima and Sakaeguchi offer to go with Mihashi. Shun, Abe's little brother greets them, excited to recognize Tajima. Abe believes his knee will just barely recover in time for the newcomers tournament. Waiting for their food to arrive, Abe's little brother drags Tajima off to have him teach him some pointers. Abe apologizes to Mihashi when they are alone for getting injured and breaking his promise to catch all his games, and for telling him in the beginning to never shake off his signs. Mihashi tells Abe about his happiness at feeling like he was relied on by Tajima in his last game when he shook off a sign for the first time, because he felt as if he was being relied on. He asks Abe to rely on him as well, and Abe agrees. Mihashi smiles, which shocks Abe, who hadn't seen Mihashi smile yet. Mihashi hands over the practice notes to Abe, who is surprised at Mihashi's goal of "Koushien Champions." Abe states he will state the same goal. After they eat, Mihashi and Tajima leave. On the way back, Mihashi gets a text from Kanou stating Mihoshi lost their game. Mihashi is fired up, and firmly states to Tajima that he wants to accomplish a national conquest at Koushien.

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