• Upload a (new) profile picture for all the players. ✓
    • Create profiles for all characters/clubs/schools.
    • Finish adding the synopsis of every episode, starting from the 7th (I want to Play Baseball).
    • Make a synopsis for every manga chapter.
    • Edit so that all pages are consistent in regards to romanization. ✓
    • Change the in-page profile pictures of all the characters to 300x300. ✓
    • Translate/Find the translation for the second opening as well as both of the endings.
    • Delete useless pages/categories/duplicates, etc. ✓
    • Add 'relationships' to all the characters.


    • Create a wordmark to replace the one this wikia is currently using. ✓
    • Think on how to increase the views such as affiliations and promote the animanga. ✓
    • What to add/remove in the main page. ✓
    • Update the templates. ✓
    • Editing the Community Message (the one found in the Recent Wiki Activity). ✓
    • Provide pictures for the badges.
    • Modify the Javascript part, once the wikia allows editing again. ✓
    • Modify the navigation templates once the modification of Javascript is done. ✓
    • Layout for disambugation, stubs and the like. ✓
    • Create the Manual of Style.
    • Put up the lyrics of the OP and ED of the 2nd season.
    • Include the list of characters who appeared in the chapter/episode.
    • Include the Manga/Anime differences for said episodes.
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      • Create a wordmark to replace the one this wikia is currently using
      • Think on how to increase the views like affiliations and promote in animanga (seriously, we're just on the hundreds? orz)
      • What to add/remove in the main page
      • Update the templates (/looks away)

      That's all I can think so far.


      • Edit so that all pages are consistent in regards to romanization.

      What is the plan regarding to this one? I mean, should it be Yūto Sakaeguchi or Yuuto Sakaeguchi?

      • With regards to the title page of chapters and episodes, should it be:
      (a) The Real Ace (Manga) and The Real Ace (Anime)
      (b) Chapter 1 and Episode 1

      *nom nom*

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    • Alright, these will also be taken in consideration and, hopefully, finished soon. As for the questions:

      - Yūto Sakaeguchi.

      - I think it should be " (1) The Real Ace (Manga) " and " (1) The Real Ace (Anime) ". This way the people won't have to enter a page to know the chapter/episode's name, and will also know which chapter/episode it is ( first, second, third, etc. )

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    • Got it. Follow-up questions:
      (1) So it will be Yūto Sakaeguchi (栄口 勇人 Sakaeguchi Yūto)? For the romaji part (inside the parentheses), should we follow the Modern Hepburn?
      (2) Regarding to my 2nd question (chapters and episodes), the titles should be settled down on what version we should follow. What I mean is, for instance, in the case of episode 1 and chapter 1, the title of chapter 1 in the english scans is The True Ace while the title of episode 1 is The Real Ace. What version will be followed?

      1. The Real Ace (Manga) and The Real Ace (Anime)
      2. The True Ace (Manga) and The True Ace (Anime)

      There is also the issue of redirects and disambugations. For instance, if the user types Episode 1, on what page should (s)he go. (Don't curse me from these things. XDD /runs)

      Also, aside from those, I would like to add something from the to-do list. This can be considered as low priority or something:

      • Editing the Community Message (the one found in the Recent Wiki Activity)
      • Provide pictures for the badges
      • Modify the Javascript part, once the wikia allows editing again
      • Modify the navigation templates once the modification of Javascript is done
      • Layout for disambugation, stubs and the like
      • Creating the Manual of Style
      • Don't forget the lyrics of the OP and ED of the 2nd season XD

      The heck with this list ... OTL. I am just remembering the reason I do not like updating the character pages. XDD /dead

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    • 1. Yeah. We should follow the Modern Hepburn. 

      2. Let's settle down for "The True Ace".

      Hm ... I just created a redirect page for the exact episode you used as an example, and when someone types " Episode 1 " it will now redirect to this page. ( I also modified the episode's title to prove it, and that is how I wish for the episodes' names to look like in the near future too. )

      And alright. I'll edit my post and add your ideas up there as well then.

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    • Ok, let's settle on that change, then. :)

      Some sort of suggestion but how about include the list of characters who appeared in the chapter/episode + Manga/Anime Differences for the episode? It is kind of troublesome though, lol. (Just an excuse to make that table of contents appear. XDD) Also, I am not sure of the difference between sypnosis and summary, so my distinction on that part may be incorrect. Oops. ^^;;

      Finally, if you have suggestions regarding the appearance of wikia, feel free to tell me and let's see what can I do. :D

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    • That's fine, I guess. I'll try to make those as well, so I'll be adding them to the "To Do" list too as of right now. And don't mind, I'll look into it to see in case there are any mistakes.

      Also 'kay, I'll be sure to tell you should I find something I'd like to be changed !

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    • I know that you wanted to change the wordmark, and I found this one...

      Big Windup logo
      It's not really that different except for the thing at the bottom and the color of it. I just thought it would be better because the color kind of matches with the color scheme that we are currently using. I also noticed in many other wikis, that the wordmark usually says wiki on it, so I can see if I could possibly change the "Oofuri" at the bottom to wiki (anyone else can do it, if they want to though) Just a suggestion.. we don't need to use it...
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    • Oh, this is looking better than the other.

      Yeah, if you could change it into "Wiki" that'd be great. Also if you can darken the colour a little ( to match the theme better ) but if you can't, that's fine too.

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    • In my case, I personally prefer to retain it and place the wiki somewhere. Some people do not know that Ookiku Furikabutte (Oofuri) and Big Windup are the same. ^^;;

      EDIT: Also, heads up on the edit on the chapter's infobox. Check Chapter 2 for details. Regarding the navigation part, you can also put it as [[(CH2)_The_Catcher's_Role_(Manga) | Chapter 2]] instead of simply [[Chapter 2]]. There is also the case of [[(EP2) The Catcher's Role (Anime) | The Catcher's Role (Anime)]], instead of The Catcher's Role (Anime). Well, I would not mind editing it though. Just FYI. XDD

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    • So I made the possible wordmark a closer shade to the theme.

      Big Windup logow
      I didn't add the word wiki because I was unsure where it should be added... 

      EDIT: I just wanted to make sure it was okay for now until we can all agree to where we want wiki to be placed.

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    • To me it's fine either way, so do as you wish. 

      As for the wordmark, you could put it after " Big " or on the line, after " Oofuri ". 

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    • Okay... I can see what I can do... I probably won't be able to do it right away, but I'll try to do it as soon as I can..

      Also, do you want me to change the wordmark to the one that I edited or do you just want to wait until I add the word wiki??

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    • It's alright, take as much time as you need !

      Either's good. Do whichever you want.

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    • Personally, I prefer that you put it under Oofuri. It seems that putting 'Wiki' beside "Big" is out of place (or probably, based on how I imagine it)? XD

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    • Regarding Wiki Navigation, just a suggestion (for submenu1. submenu2 is just listing of characters unless otherwise stated):


      - Nishiura
      - Tosei
      - Sakitama
      - Other Players
      - Parents


      - Positions
      - Pitchers
      - Catchers
      - Basemen
      - Shortstop
      - Fielders
      - Schools
      - Nishiura
      - Mihoshi


      - Tournaments
      - Summer
      - Fall


      - (can't think of anything yet (lol)

      That way, we can "advertise" more pages ... ? I just notice that the navigation bar features almost the same page(s). It lessens the opportunity to explore other pages or something...? ^^;;

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    • I only edited the "World" one for now, since there are only 4 submenus at "Characters". I could delete the "Mihoshi Academy" and let Musashino First there instead, so after "Other Players" I could put the "Parents". Though I've noticed it "looks better" as "Nishiura High School"-"Mihoshi Academy"-"Musashino First High School"-"Other Players".

      I think your ideas were good. I'll put some names under "Other Players" in a few minutes too.

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    • As for the CATEGORIES, I believe it's best if we change them. For example, from "Nishiura" to "Nishiura High School" ; "Mihashis" to "Mihashi Family". It just looks neater, so please abstain from re-adding "Mihashis", as used in the example, back on after I deleted it.

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    • IMO, for Characters, I might feature the teams of "Nishiura, Tosei, Sakitama (more or less?)" then, "Other Players" and "Other People" (cheerleaders, parents, coaches). Other Players will include Kanou, Oda, Hatake, Haruna and Akimaru. I did not include Musashino in the featured teams because of my view of Haruna being an "one-man army" lol. But then, if they had featured a lot of remarkable players during their match against Nishiura, why not? XD

      I've also checked one of your articles in types of pitches. Some comments and suggestions:

      1. Include references. I know that was one of my misses before. XD
      2. May include the things the mangaka said before in the omake or something
      3. As you add the categories, "tag" the players who use it ... ?

      I better run now. lol

      EDIT: Dunno if you care or not, anyway, just FYI XD

      1. I implemented an "upgraded" version of Infobox character (upgraded since it uses now the new markup for infobox). For now, only Nishiura has it (the ones with Infobox character (Nishiura)) so expect ... messed up stuff here and there. (lol) Soon, other schools will have it, hopefully by end of this month. @_@ As for the messed-up stuff, will fix it as soon as I find time and motivation. XDD Oops
      2. In case you have not realized it yet, Episode and Chapter infobox also implement the new infobox markup so if in case you something messed-up, just tell me
      3. Speaking of infoboxes, does anyone know the color of uniforms for some schools (like Senda)? For the font color and background colors of some stuff..

      Heck, why do my replies always long... XD OTL

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      1. 'kay. I'll try to do some more of the stuff on the To Do List, then adjust the other things around.
      2. Yes, I've seen a handful of the 'upgraded' infoboxes and so far they're fine; although I did  like the former ones more.
      3. As for Senda's colours, I'd say the "Senda" on their uniforms is pink, and you can keep the rest gray until further notice.
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    • 2. 'did'? Why? XD btw, feel free to comment regarding its appearance. I've been experimenting stuff on the infobox so I really would like to hear comments on those. :3 3. kk. :) If you have colored pics on Senda's uniform, just upload it here. :Dv
      EDIT: Two things

      1. I got a picture for Senda. Will do the adjustments in the future.
      2. Senda ... why you have a lot of members. Enumerating members in Volume 25 will be a very pain in the ass. OTL
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    • Lemme add to the to-do list. :))

      • Enumerating characters in the cover
      • Determine the corresponding magazine chapters of the tankoubon chapters (since the tankoubon and magazine chapters are different)
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    • Would it be acceptable to create gallery subpages for characters to put unused images into which got removed from the main page? This way they wouldn't overclutter a character page as they did originally while still being useful in showing how they appear in the anime.

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    • If I remember correctly, Nishiura characters (at least) have its corresponding gallery subpage. You can find the list here. There is also a link at their infobox character. :)

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    • @Tycio

      There are galleries/subpages for most of the existing characters, openings/endings, episodes, teams and whatnot. If you have any that haven't been used yet, however, you can post them in their respective gallery/galleries. But be mindful of the regulations that have been put up.

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    • I've noticed that many other wikis included a character's manga and anime appearances in their character infoboxes. I was thinking maybe we could do that too. We don't have to do it. It's just a suggestion!! <:

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    • Yes, I've been thinking of the same thing for the past while, although that isn't exactly something I can do, so it's up to Chixm8.

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    • Nani? Nani? :3

      Well, if you are referring to their debut appearance, we already have that. Long, long ago. (lol) It's just, the subsection (or whatever you call it XD) will not appear if there is no data for "manga=" and "anime=" :Dv Or probably, I messed up somewhere in the codes. Oops.

      If you are not referring to that, can you explain it to me? Some samples will also help. ^^

      If you have doubts, just check Ren Mihashi's page. If I remember correctly, it has the most complete listings of things to be filled-up. :Dv

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    • Here is an example from a different wiki... 

      In Eiichiro's character box right under his name, it says Anime | Manga, and when you click one of the words, the picture will change to show you his appearance in the anime or the manga. 

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    • pfff--- trying to hold my laugh. XD You really refer to that wikia? XD I cannot implement it here yet since our infobox character(s) use(s) the new infobox markup. I am still doing some experimentations regarding on that switch template ... Uhm, the Anime | Manga thingy (not here but in that wikia XD). Once I got the gist of it and the Wikia staff allows the freaking javascript to be edited, I will implement it here as well. :)

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    • ahahah it was the first wiki that I thought of... 

      Okay that's fine! Do it whenever you can! <:

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    • Oh, I forgot to mention this... I've seen multiple wikis do this. They have affiliations with other wikis and maybe we could do that, so we can get more people to visit the wiki...

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    • It's fine to do that. However, the wordmark.... *sweatdrop*

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    • Ahh yes I need to do that. I tested out the first one I edited, but when I edited the theme, it was way too small.. It didn't look right.

      EDIT: I think we should stick with the orginial one but edit the color... the one with the banner doesn't fit very well...

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    • That's what I've thought too a while back when I tested the edits.

      Also, what wikias would you guys want to affiliate with ?

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    • @Abetakaya, how about using File:Oofuri_jpn_logo.png instead, then put "Big Windup" at the bottom of the "振りかぶって" (in small letters, probably uppercase?), while the wikia will be at the right side of "おおきく"?

      @YumekoChanny, anime/manga-related wiki at least. :)) You can aim at those popular wiki. XD

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    • @Chixm8 Alright, I can try that!! Thanks!! <:

      @YumekoChanny If at all possible, it'd be nice if the wikis we affiliated with (or at least some) were for sport anime or we can do what Chixm8 said!!

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    • Oofurilogotest2
      I tried two ways for the watermark. If anything needs to be fixed please tell me!! <:
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    • Alright then. I'll try to talk to some admins about affiliations on the popular sports animangas first ( Haikyuu, Diamond no Ace, Yowamushi Pedal, etc ), then see about the others ( like Owari no Seraph, Naruto, etc ).

      Also for the watermarks, to me the second one looks better ( the one that ends with Big Windup! Wiki ) than the first where "Wiki" is harder to be spotted.

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    • @Abetakaya I also prefer the 2nd one. XD I was thinking of expanding the space between letters of "Big Windup Wiki" (enough to be aligned in the 振 and て) but it seems that the one you gave looked better. ^^;;

      @YumekoChanny (and @Abetakaya by extension) You can edit Template: Affiliates once you got some affiliations. *nom nom*

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    • Okay. I can switch the wordmark now and you all can tell me if it's okay (maybe it will look different once it's switched because of the size change *~*)

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    • It's fine with me since I can still read the "Big Windup! Wiki". ^^;;

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    • Same here.

      As for the affiliations, hit me up if you have any recommendations as the time passes, since soon I'll try to talk to some administrators/bureaucrats from other Wikias about it.

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    • For the affiliations, can I add Baby Steps here? :))

      Also, if someone wants to ask affiliation here, should:

      1. Ask one of the admins in the message wall
      2. Make a thread in the forum that will handle all of the affiliation requests
      3. Any suggestions? XD
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    • Yeah go ahead!! <:

      Either is fine the message wall or the thread in the forum. 

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    • Yes, feel free to do that.

      Hm, to me, as well, either of the above-mentioned options are fine, although having them ask on the message wall is probably both easier to do and also to percept ?

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    • For the affiliations, do we have any set rules for that or can we accept anyone?

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    • Added. ^^

      Well, for most wikia, a message on the message wall usually suffice so I guess it's fine. The thread in the forum is just a suggestion of mine if in case you want it more organized (since all of the admin are active here. XD)

      As for the rules, there's no set rules so far (right YumekoChanny? ^^;;) but ... personally, I guess we should only affiliate with those related in anime/manga. Not sure with the Manhwa/Manhua/webtoons though...

      BTW, if in case you edit the template of affiliates and it has not appeared in the main page, do an empty edit to purge page. (edit -> publish (without doing edits whatsoever))

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    • Yes, there are no rules whatsoever as of right now, but I too, have thought about adding some regarding the Wikias we affiliate it; and as Chixm8 said, I'd rather not affiliate with Wikias that aren't anime or manga related. Although Manhwa should be fine as well ?

      I've managed to get quite some affiliations last night before going to bed and today I'm going to keep looking for more Wikias to affiliate with.

      And alright, I'll keep that in mind.

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    • Now that the beloved Javascript can be edited:

      1. Clock is displayed now. ^^ It can also be used to purge pages
      2. Autorefresh is now used in Recent Wiki Activity - no need to use the refresh button or press F5 in order to refresh that page.
      3. The Navigation template are already updated so it uses the show/hide instead of Collapse/Expand
      4. Regarding AbeTakaya's suggestion before, you can check it here. Hope I did it right. XD /sweatdrops

      However, some changes must be done:

      a. If you want to use the one similar to the template, the layout will be
      Image = {{Switch
      |option1 = 
      |option2 = 
      b. If only one image, the layout will be
      Image = [[File:<image_filename_w/_extension>|<imagesize>]]
      c. If no image provided, the default image will be No image.gif

      This is the reason the images in the infobox character (Nishiura) do not appear. ^^;; And yes, I have not implemented it in other infobox characters. Feel free to comment. :D

      ... yea, long message again. XD OTL

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    • That's some good news. Firstly, yes, that's what we (?) had in mind. As for the changes, they're good as well. That image for the places with no photos provided was just something I quickly found before going to bed one night and used it but in the end it seems it was fine enough.

      I'll check out the changes made on the other pages and infoboxes a little later, since I need to take a nap due to a current headache, but after that I'll go see things around and of course, tell my opinion on it and whatnot.

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