Takaya Abe (阿部 隆也 Abe Takaya) is the main and most experienced catcher on Nishiura High School's baseball team as well as one of their vice-captains (along with Sakaeguchi). As such, he forms the team's battery with Ren Mihashi.



Abe in Junior High

Abe is the team's catcher and also one of their better batters, coming from a long line of catchers. His skills as a catcher were developed during middle school, when he played in the Seniors league. Abe was paired with a talented pitcher named Haruna, whose pitches were so hard and lacking in control that he was constantly covered in bruises. However, he persevered, knowing that if he could catch Haruna's pitches, he would be the starting catcher for sure. Although he succeeded, Abe soon began resenting Haruna, who strictly refused to throw more than 80 pitches per game, even if it meant walking out in the middle of a critical game situation, and in little to no occasions followed Abe's signs (not necessarily not wanting to, but rather not being able to due to his crappy control). Because of this, Abe initially values Mihashi for his obedience, desire to stay on the mound, and control. However, he comes to also appreciate just how much work Mihashi puts in baseball, and is determined to win games using Mihashi's pitching and prove to him that he is a good pitcher.


Abe has spiky, raven hair and dark gray-green colored eyes. Most of the time, he has a poker face on him. Takaya is shown wearing the baseball uniform almost whenever on screen, a little number of times seen in casual clothes (at home), or school's general uniform (during breaks).


Abe is a serious and mature character, whose short temper is often inadvertently provoked by Mihashi's stuttering and annoying personality. He is very strategically-minded and initially values Mihashi for his obedience in the team's games. Abe also becomes determined to win games using Mihashi's pitching and prove to him that he is a good pitcher.

Abe is noted to have a loud voice, even when laughing, which intimidates not only Mihashi, but sometimes his other teammates too, such as Oki, who admitted that Abe intimidated him, as well[2]. However, when this is pointed out to him, he takes great pains to be more patient with Mihashi and speak more gently. He was charged by Momoe to look after Mihashi, and he takes this very seriously, constantly monitoring Mihashi's practicing, what he is eating, his weight, and how much sleep he's getting, which causes Izumi to note that he's very bossy.

Annoyed Abe at Mihashi

Abe is also a driving force on the field, generally shouting out instructions to his teammates during play and closely analyzing the opposition. He uses this habit to his advantage, as he is very good at predicting which of Mihashi's pitches will cause a batter to strike out. Despite his seriousness, he is easily moved to tears, especially by Mihashi's past or being thanked by him. He is also a bit of a worrywart, especially when it comes to Mihashi.  


Ren Mihashi Edit

Ren and Takaya are currently working together to have a proper battery. In the beginning, Mihashi relied too much on Takaya and believed that he was only a good pitcher if Takaya was the catcher. However, when Abe was injured, they both realized that they need to rely on each other. They are currently working on learning how to trust each other completely. But as time goes on Takaya starts to become more protective of Ren and cares for him, even getting upset when Mihashi ignores and doesn't talk with him to the point of getting angry.

Azusa Hanai Edit

Along with Coach Momoe, Hanai and Abe work together to analyze data and work on strategies. There are times when Takaya teases Hanai, like when he said to not give up when Hanai was going up for the lottery. It is worthy of note that both Azusa and Takaya were annoyed by Ren's personality in the beginning, opposite to the rest of the team which thought nothing of it.

Kōsuke Izumi Edit

Izumi is often annoyed with Abe's antics towards Mihashi and has noted that Abe is bossy.

Kazutoshi Oki Edit

Oki is noted to feel scared of Abe, especially when he raises his voice.

Motoki Haruna Edit

In the Seniors' league, Takaya was paired up with Haruna. He would throw all out to Takaya, which caused Abe to get many bruises because of his bad control. At first, Takaya felt grateful for being paired up with him, but later began resenting him after he filled up all the bases and stepped off because of his 80 pitch limit. Due to this, Takaya calls Haruna "the worst" for being the ace.

Misae Abe Edit

Takaya's mother is sometimes seen at Nishiura's games along with the other parents of the club members, even though she doesn't have a burning adoration for baseball. Misae apparently doesn't give any aid toward neither Takaya nor Takashi in regards with their strategies.

Takashi Abe Edit

Takaya and his father would watch baseball matches together and Takashi would help Takaya make strategies. After meeting Mihashi, Takashi questions Takaya about his relationship with Mihashi and states that if Takaya thinks his relationship with Mihashi is fine, then his friendships probably don’t mean a lot. Takashi tries to make Abe and Mihashi closer together, like by mentioning that they should use first names to address to each other. It is also noted that Takaya comes from a long line of catcher, which would make Takashi himself a former catcher.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Mihashi) "I like you, not just as a pitcher. I mean, you’re making such an effort!"
  • (About Mihashi) "Back then, I thought we couldn't change his weak-heartedness, and I thought it didn't have to change. I thought that as long as he didn't shake off my signs, I didn't care what his personality was like."
  • (To Hanai, about Mihashi) "Am I the only one who wants to punch him sometimes when I look at him?!"
  • (To Mihashi) "I will make you a true Ace!"
  • (About Mihashi) "You're a good pitcher, even though you irritate me and piss me off."


  • Takaya (隆也) means "To Be Prosperous" and Abe (阿部) means "Corner Division."
  • Abe prefers people with nice skin and a light complexion but unlike most of his Nishiura teammates, he and Suyama do not have any fantasies on girls since they both find it gross.
  • About two teams were seen talking about Takaya's choices in leads, as he often begins with two balls.

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