Senda High School (千朶高校 Senda Kōkō) is one of the schools featured in the Big Windup!  storyline.

Baseball TeamEdit

Senda's baseball team is well known in the prefecture for their batting power. According to Momoe, they are the second most powerful Power House in the prefecture, second only to ARC, to which they lost in the finals.

The coaches include Eishi Sunaga and Wataru Takakura.

Team MembersEdit

List of Players
# Name Position Remarks
1 Ryusei Miyamori Pitcher Ace
2 Seiichirou Yashima Catcher
3 Toudai Sakurai First Baseman
4 Kouya Iwasaki Second Baseman
5 Toshiharu Maeda Shortstop and Third Baseman
6 Yasuyuki Hasegawa Shortstop
7 Hiromu Azumakawa Left Fielder
8 Yousuke Kubo Center Fielder
9 Minoru Oosako Right Fielder
10 Itsuki Yoshinari Pitcher
11 Takao Endou Pitcher
12 Taichirou Iida Pinch-Hitter
13 Sousuke Eguchi Third Baseman
15 Akito Shima Second Baseman
19 Kenshi Kanno Pinch-Hitter
Kenshi Kanno

Tournament Results Edit

Saitama Prefectural Tournament
Round Opponent Outcome Results
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2 Nishiura Win 11 - 4
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