Keisuke Umehara (梅原圭介 Umehara Keisuke) is one of Hamada's friends and a member of Nishiura's cheering squad.


At first, he and Kajiyama felt scared to approach the baseball team but they were moved due to the club's greeting.


Keisuke has long, brown hair and gray-blue eyes. He is also usually seen wearing the Ouendan uniform.



Hamada Yoshirō Edit

He used to be classmates with Hamada, time in which they became friends, but Hamada had to repeat the year.

Riki Kajiyama Edit

He is also friends with Riki Kajiyama who is on the cheering squad with him.


  • He got his Ouendan uniform from a friend in the basketball team whose senpai had recently graduated.



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