Junta Takase (高瀬 準太 Takase Junta) is the ace pitcher of Tosei High School's baseball team.


Takase is considered to be the best pitcher among the introduced pitchers in the manga around his time of introduction. His strike out pitch is his sinker, which is he uses against left handed hitters. He also possesses a forkball which he uses largely against right handed batters. He is good at controlling ball and his ball's speed is at least 130 km/h.

He is partnered with Tosei's captain and catcher, Kazuki.


Takase has medium black hair, gray-ish blue eyes, and is more often than not seen in Tosei High's baseball team uniform.


Outside the tournaments, Takase is considered to be a kind person though there are times that he cannot help making fun of Rio. When it comes to games, he is usually seen serious though it does not stop him from laughing at someone's back when he finds the scene funny.


Junta, Kazuki and Rio have known each other since they were children. They all become part of Tosei High School's baseball team and Kazuki became part of the battery with Junta. After 3rd years' final game, Rio became Junta's new catcher.