Honto no Ace ni Nareru Kamo (ホントのエースになれるかも I Really Can Become A Real Ace) is the Big Windup! Nintendo DS game which was released in December 13, 2007.

List of CharactersEdit

Game IntroductionEdit

  • The Event for the day (一日の流れ, Ichinichi no Nagare)
  • Regarding Parameters (パラメーターについて, Parameetaa ni Tsuite)
  • Story Mode (ストーリーモード, Sutōrii Mōdo)
  • Sequence Mode (シークエンスモード, Shiikuensu Mōdo)
  • Practice Mode (練習モード, Renshū Mōdo)
  • Practice Match (練習試合, Renshū Shiai)



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