Daichi Sakura (佐倉大地 Sakura Daichi) is the catcher and cleanup hitter for Sakitama High School's baseball team.


Daichi's teammates consider him a good kid with good looks who is talented at baseball; unfortunately, he's not that bright.

Despite being a first-year student, Daichi is quite strong. He can hit homeruns, which plays a significant role in Sakitama's wins. In Sakitama's first game of the summer, Daichi batted 1.000 (6-for-6 batting, with 5 RBIs).

He is part of Sakitama's battery with pitcher Ichihara Yutaka. As a catcher, he is not good at game-calling. During his at-bats, Abe Takaya notices that he makes Ichihara shake off his calls too much, and that he is not fulfilling his role as a catcher.

However, Daichi's throwing arm is really strong, which can be used for dealing double plays during games.


Daichi is quite tall for his age, standing at 183 cm. He also has dark, close-cropped hair and gray eyes.




  • Although he played baseball in elementary school, his middle school had no baseball club so he played football (soccer) instead. Since Sakitama has no soccer club, he returned to playing baseball as a catcher.



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