Chiyo Shino'oka (篠岡 千代 Shinooka Chiyo) is Nishiura High School's baseball team's manager.


Shino'oka is a big fan of baseball. She went to the same middle school as Abe and Sakaeguchi, where she played softball as a shortstop. In high school, she applied to be manager of Nishiura High School's baseball team, and Coach Momoe immediately approved her application. She is in charge of making detailed reports about the opposing teams and preparing food for the members after practice, though the latter is switched to Abe and Mihashi over time. She also takes care for Coach Momoe's pet dog Ai during club activities.

She loves trying on other schools' uniforms, and often swaps uniforms with her friends and takes pictures.


Shino'oka has short, brown hair and gray eyes. She is usually seen in sport-ish clothes, which are loose and comfortable around the body, the colour varying.


Very hardworking and earnest, Shino'oka has great pride in the baseball team, and does her best to help out the team in anyway possible. As manager, she has lots of information about her own team, and knows all of their full names and birthdays.


Abe and Shino'oka

Abe Takaya Edit

Shino'oka has close relationships among the members of the Nishiura High School baseball team. She has stated that she has no romantic interest in anyone on the team, but later, it is revealed that she has feelings for Abe, though she would not act upon them to avoid awkwardness in the team.[1]

Mizutani Fumiki Edit

Shino'oka may or may not be aware of the one-sided feelings Mizutani has for her, though she, either way, decided to ignore them.

Tsuyoshi Shiga Edit

At official matches, she is often seen with the faculty supervisor, Shiga, in the dugout.

Momoe Maria Edit

She has developed a co-operative relationship with the coach, Maria Momoe.


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