Ayano Tomoi(友井紋乃 Tomoi Ayano) is one of the cheer girls during Nishiura High School's baseball games, the other being Mia Ogawa.


Ayano and Mia are under the Nishiura's dance club. Wanting to be part of the baseball team's cheering squad, they ask Shino'oka, the baseball team's manager and classmate, some assistance to have her ask Hamada to allow their participation.

Ayano likes hip hop and jazz.


Ayano has short hair, it's colour being a mix of blonde and brown. Her eyes are deep brown, and her choice of clothes are pretty much the same as Mia's, loose and comfortable around the body.


Ayano, as well as Mia, are both seen as shy in the beginning, blushing and whatnot after asking Shino'oka for help, or seeing her interact with Abe, even though they were talking about things like how many onigiris to make for Mihashi; but eventually, they grow to be more comfortable around the baseball club as the series continues.


Mia Ogawa Edit

Ayano is always seen with Mia, this fact hinting to them having a very close friendship.

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