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ARC Academy High School (ARC学園高校 ARC Gakuen Kōkō) or Alliance Reliance Confidence[1] High is one of the schools featured in the Big Windup! storyline, and is a private high school.

Baseball Team Edit

Background Edit

The ARC baseball team is known for their in-game cleverness. According to Momoe, the team's overall batting average is 0.305, which is at the top of the prefecture.

Team Members Edit

List of Players
# Name Position Remarks
1 Kyota Pitcher
2 Tomonari Yoshida Catcher
3 Yoshiaki Matsubara First Baseman
4 Hayato Kosugi Second Baseman
Tomomasa Tanabe Third Baseman
6 Chihiro Shioiri Shortstop
7 Akira Kitagawa Left Fielder
8 Junpei Sakamaki Center Fielder
9 Yūji Masuda Right Fielder
Maeyama Pitcher
Takabayashi Pitcher
Yuuji Masuda Outfielder
18 Yoshimi Ootagawa Pitcher
Junpei Sakamaki Outfielder
Junpei Sakamaki

Tournament Results Edit

Round Opponent Outcome Results
Musashino First High School Win 11 - 4
Senda High School Win -
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